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My name is Dan Dalton. I’m a divorce mediator and attorney. With a practice devoted exclusively to divorce mediation, I help spouses get divorced peacefully and at a fraction of the cost of a court divorce.

For many years, I practiced divorce law the traditional “court” way, and that taught me much. But what adversarial divorce mainly taught me was this: it always takes an extraordinary emotional and financial toll. The only guarantee is that it will drain you of your sanity, your dignity, and your time and money.

Mediation provides you with a dignified alternative to adversarial divorce.Dan Dalton
For the vast majority of divorcing couples, there’s a better way, and that way is mediation.

As a divorce mediator, I meet with both of you to help guide you to an agreement that you believe is fair. I never choose sides. I work to help you resolve your divorce efficiently and peacefully.

By nature, I’m a peacemaker, not a gladiator. Instead of preparing for court, I use my knowledge and years of experience to educate couples and guide them to an informed and mutually acceptable agreement, all in a private and confidential setting (unlike court).

I’m happy and proud of what I do, because I believe sincerely that mediation provides you with a dignified alternative to traditional adversarial divorce. It may sound a bit corny, but I like to think I’m helping to make the world a more peaceful place for families.

Considering Divorce Mediation?

If you’re considering divorce mediation, or if you just want to ask some questions, please contact me. You’ll always speak directly with me, and there’s no charge. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

Daniel E. Dalton

Divorce Mediator & Attorney

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