I Can’t Stand My Spouse! Will Divorce Mediation Work for Us?

Even if you can barely stand the sight of your spouse, divorce mediation can still help you settle your divorce without a bitter, expensive court battle. Heading to court is a self-destructive strategy that makes everything worse.

Will divorce mediation be easy?

Of course not. You’ll both have to dig deep for the emotional fortitude you’ll need to sit face-to-face with a divorce mediator and discuss the end of your marriage. Voices may be raised, anguish and resentments can rise to the surface, name-calling is not uncommon.

But it will be worth it. Some benefits are obvious: you’ll save money and get your divorce completed much faster than court would allow. Some benefits are not so obvious: divorce mediation will be less stressful, and you won’t have to live with lingering resentment toward each other that so often results from scorched-earth litigation and spending so many dollars fighting over so many dimes.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that divorce is “only” a legal problem. Divorce is a personal problem with legal implications. And the more you involve the adversarial court system with your personal problems, the worse your problems will get.

“If you want to be healthy and happy, stay out of hospitals and courthouses.”

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