Divorce Mediation: The Revolution

Divorce has been around for years—nothing new there. What is new is the increasing number of couples who refuse to slog through the ugly and outdated court system—an adversarial process that does nothing to help you emotionally or financially. If you or someone you know has been through it, you know what I mean. Why do people take the court route? Because they believe it’s the only way to go. I can tell you that this simply is not true.

Divorce mediation provides a cost-effective, civilized alternative. A mediator helps both of you reach a settlement that will meet your legal, emotional, and financial needs.

With an experienced divorce mediator, you resolve your own divorce. All you need is common sense and a willingness to work together. You still can (and probably should) consult with an independent attorney. But even a complex divorce can be mediated, as long as the attorneys work as advisors, not gladiators.

I Can’t Stomach My Wife/Husband! Is Divorce Mediation for Me?

Yes! At the very least, you should try. If you’re angry and bitter, you’re the ones who can benefit the most from mediation, because you’re the ones most likely to wage a long and expensive battle in court.

Divorce mediation can help you avoid the mistake of making long-term decisions based on short-term emotions—never a good idea. I’ve found that mediation can help people regain their sense of balance and self-respect, and that helps to reduce fear and anger.

If you’re planning to get divorced, please consider mediation before rushing off to court. You have nothing to lose by trying. If it doesn’t work, you can always take the “traditional” route, but I hope you don’t have to.

I’ve worked as a divorce lawyer and as a mediator. It’s clear to me that mediation is the better route to divorce. Mediation has changed the way people settle disputes in business and other areas. It’s time for a revolution in how people get divorced.